Welcome to Cryocourse 2013 !

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The European Advanced Cryogenics Course “Cryocourse” has the aim to provide training in the area of low temperature physics and advanced cryogenic techniques.

Cryocourse is organized by European Low Temperature laboratories, in liaison with partners of the Cryogenics industry and the Low Temperature section of the European Physical Society - Condensed Matter Division).

The participation of students and young researchers in Cryocourse is supported by European grants (European Community - Research Infrastructures - FP7 Capacities Specific Programme, Microkelvin project number 228464), national grants, academic and industrial sponsors.

Former Cryocourses:
2002: Grenoble
2003: Helsinki
2006: Eindhoven
2007: Grenoble
2008: Madrid (Cryoconference)
2009: Helsinki
2010: Grenoble (Cryoconference)
2010: Kosice (Cryoconference)
2011: Grenoble
2012: Heidelberg

For information on previous Cryocourses Visit the CRYOCOURSE main web page
For information on Cryocourse 2013, click on the left-hand side menu, on the subject of your choice.
The courses are open to PhD students, post-docs, young technicians or engineers interested in cryogenic applications in a wide range of fields (low temperature physics, cryogenic industry, particle detection, large scale facilities, space…)

The 2013 Course will take place in the Grenoble area. The first part, in a site in the mountains close to Grenoble, will comprise lectures, presentations, and tutorial sessions on refrigeration, thermometry and low temperature physics and their applications.

The second part of the meeting, at the Grenoble low temperature laboratory (CNRS), will provide “hands-on” experimental training in Low Temperature Physics and Cryogenics.

This course will be an opportunity for young researchers to learn from experts about fundamental and industrial issues, and there will be ample time for discussion.


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